25 November 2012

Random #30

# I am at my worst right now,keep thinking of this one subject that is being teached by an excellent lecturer on earth but he tends to be someone that least you want to meet in this world! I just cannot cope with his assesment throughout the semester. I am mad, full with dark aura in me!! But then I cannot pointing all the blame on him since there must be something that comes from me too.

I feel like wanna give up,I want to quit study, do anything related to editing and get certificate in designing and photography. Like what I am supposed to do before I enter matriculation college. Doing things that I love and less pressure about.

But,hey girl! this is the reality that you must face in order to satisfy your parents,family,friends,public! You have this 'big responsibility' to achieve, but then why you suffer a lot to please people rather than yourself?

Oh Allah,please help me.

“And be patient, for the decision of your Lord, for indeed, you are in Our eyes. And exalt [Allah] with praise of your Lord when you arise.”
Surah At-Tur (52:48)

# Final examination is just around the corner but I am still doing the 'duniawi' works which will make my mom angry like angry bird if she know about this unfinish things. I have to stay focus, and finish it fast!

# I love designing, and i design for the sake of leisure. I never think of doing it as my part time job since I do not have such talent to do so. As a consequence, I do not know how to attend 'client' when it comes to design to satisfy your client needs. I only do my freelance job in photography few times yesteryears and Alhamdulillah most of them never complain about the artwork. It such a relief. But then if you were assigned to 'help' someone doing designing work or even taking photos for the sake of doing a favor of friends, did you deserve to be criticized and your work is being rejected for 3-4 times? It is relevent? 

Please have some humanity,not only for Palestine but to all human being on earth!

image credit to tumblr

# In need of long vacation without any emotional disturbance. Lets go for holiday,shopping and eating good food; anyone?

# Pray for my success to finish this semester with flying colors. I beg you all to pray for me,really...I am weak than never right now :'(

# May Allah hears our du'a, on Palestine and our parents everyday.


Othman. F. said...

i hope we can meet up someday!

Wahida said...

that's normal to be a student anna. i was like u when i was studying my first and second degree..just follow the flow, never sigh and u will get through it greatly. let's the time count for ur sucess..:)

a's said...

sure will babe! miss you

#Kak Wahida
yes,that's the truth that i have to face :"( thanks sister!!