04 December 2012

Class trip to MAHA 2012

We had a class trip to MAHA 2012 last saturday. It was a great first class trip that involved long journey together with KWW friends.

Our journey started at 6.40am with the recitation of du'a from our batch leader and off we go to MAHA 2012. It was fun when all your classmates,especially most of them are in the same block as you are in hostel took shower at 5am together without any 'force' from anyone. Everyone seems very excited and looking forward for the trip. And some of them even cannot sleep at night because afraid of they tend to overslept and missed the trip.

Our journey took longer than usual because the bus stopped for 3 times before we arrived at Serdang. We spent 6 hours at MAHA before heading back to Kuantan and slept all the way in bus because everyone was so exhausted walking and playing around with flora and fauna there :p

I got the chance to meet bangah there since UTHM Alumni also organized a trip to MAHA. I am a happy kid! Meeting my BFF and talking like none business but bangah only stay there for 3 hours before went to museum according to tentative in his trip.

Plus,I bought another 'sibling' of lovely cactus there. Told my mom about my day at MAHA and how I spent my time with bangah and bought cactus again and make my mom said "Tak habis-habis dengan cactus!" :D

I have been planting cactus since I was 10 years old,and they still growing at home. It is my other interest besides photography :)

After all,I had a great time with everyone on that day. I wish for more class trip after this since we will be separated according to our concentration starting from next semester :"(

when i'm bored in bus :D

le Ladies at MAHA 2012

ugly me with le best buddies

almost rotten fruits,second last day of MAHA2012

The Wanted!


Instagram photo:tonnes of fresh tomatoes at Agromas stall :)

Instagram photo: 17-40mm coupled with my baby 500d :D

Troll face in MAHA2012

Credit to Miroi for taking this picture for me :D

Credit to Miroi for taking this picture for me :D

Credit to Miroi for taking this picture for me :D

my new siblings in the house! Fresh from MAHA2012

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