17 March 2010

Food Varieties in Penang

since I am food lover,so I would like to share some of the famous food place in Penang.I am sure you will never regret with the taste of spices.

Nasi Kandar Beratur;
among the famous Nasi Kandar stall, only open at night. But be prepared to queue before you can taste the delicious dish ever.

Kapitan Nasi Kandar;
they serve the best Nasi Briyani in Penang. You can choose either chicken or mutton. The chicken/mutton Briyani is serve in clay pot(big portion).

Mee Goreng Mamak;
You can get this signature dish in every mamak's restaurant.

The best pasembor stall is located at Padang Kota. Simply delicious

Char Kuey Teow Penang;
This dish is famous among the Chinese.

Laksa Penang;
The difference between Laksa Penang and other laksa is it consists of cut pineapple and some mint leaves.

Naan bread with Chicken Tandoori;
this is my favorite :)

Indian Vada (but pronounce it as "vadey");
along's favorite
credit to image Google

I think that all from me now,need to help my mom in the kitchen. see ya!

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