27 March 2010

I feel weird

How's your Earth Hour going on? Did you turned off your light and all unnecessary electrical appliances?

Talking about this Earth Hour experience,it reminds me of something. We had a great night together with our fellas at the heart of KL, KLCC. A journey to be remembered! Let it be the secret among 4 of us.

credit to Google image

I've been missing all the ridiculous things lately.sigh.Maybe I'm being too lonely KOT. Idk. Life becomes so miserable since I have nothing to do everyday. I mean,things that really need energy and brain power!! If I am being more busy than usual, maybe I tend to forget all these nonsense things.

All my closest friends do advised me and gave support in order for me to keep moving on. But I'm still not over you.

I got this from my friend's blog which she doesn't want me to reveal her blog address in here.
"Sometimes when people are under emotional stress, they say things that they don't really mean"


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