22 April 2010

Love vs Hate

again this is just random things about me :)

#i prefer tea more than coffee; (coffee makes me sick and I never drink a full cup of coffee by myself)

#i love red,green,gray and black more than most favorite color among girls;pink!

#i'm so into cooking more than cleaning/washing anything.

#i like gentleman rather than sweet talker person (isn't it makes any different? idk!)

#i love to make something related to creative design rather than reading a History book!

#i prefer to watch English animation movie rather than Korean movie (but sometime both will do :)

#i would love to live in a peaceful and calm cottage near the river and forest rather than live in tall building that fully made by metal and glass

#i prefer to reply your sms than pick up your phone call.LOL!

#i am a hot-tempered person and I hate it sometimes!

Just stop by here..my neurons were too lazy to send impulse in my cerebrum in order to interpret my ideas.

see ya!

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