23 April 2010

Semoga Dipermudahkan

As most people aware,Malaysian University English Test (MUET) will be held on tomorrow morning at 8am until 12.30pm if I was not mistaken. So,best of luck guys especially to Ilyas and Yana. Strive for the stars!!

And I wish best of luck too for myself.heeheee..The examination/interview also will be held on tomorrow but at 2pm. Aku bermohon agar dipermudahkan segala urusan semasa ujian/temu duga diadakan. Sesungguhnya Engaku lah Maha Pemurah dan Pemberi rezeki.Amin.

For all the readers,do pray for my success tomorrow okay? I want to grab the Pluto instead of Mars only (please accept my crazy idiom :P )

May Allah bless us..

See ya tomorrow night.

(this is an auto-publish entry.I'm not online tonight)

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