30 April 2010

Tagged # 2

Jawab tag di pagi jumaat...

1. do you think you are hot?
Nope but Alhamdulillah I'm perfect in my very own way.

2. upload the favorite picture of you.

3. why do you like that picture?
I can feel the love is in the air; the ring

4. when the last time you ate pizza?
like an ages! 3-4 months ago

5. the last song you listened to?
David Cook-Always Be My Baby
i do love both David Cook's and Mariah Carey's versions

6. what are you doing now beside this?
Take a very very deep breath!

7. what name you prefer beside yours?
annabanana; because it has 'something' behind it literally

3 peoples to tag:
sis wahida

8. who is number 1?
a good friend of mine.

9. number 2 is having relation with?
my lovely eldest sister

10. say something about number 3.
she is a good business minded person :p

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