24 February 2011

Photo Contest : Aku,Dia dan Vintage

I was honored to participate in this photo contest and thanks to akak Wahida Shukeri for tagging me and try my luck (for second time LOL) in this contest.

I am not that master in editing so I think it will be so embarrassing if I upload my so-called 'art' work in this contest.But half of my heart whispered "just try your luck. Who knows maybe its your day right?"

So,here are the rules for this contest;

1) edit your photo to be like vintage/old school style...
2) you need to attach/upload the original photo as well (to avoid plagiarism)..
3) you may upload more than 1 photo
4) make one entry with regard to this photo contest and post your link of this entry to the organizer's blog...
5) you need and must follow the organizer's blog
6) paste the banner of the photo contest at your side bar (optional)
7) post your link of the photo contest at the comment section at organizer's blog
8) tag 3 of your friends or more...
9) you may change your photo up to two times only and limit to 5 photos only...
10) last??? wait for your photo to be judged
Due date for this contest is on 25th February 2011.

The Grand Prize for this contest is.....
Fujifilm Instax Mini

AWEEESOOOOOMEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm in love with polaroid photos since I was 16th years old but still cannot afford to buy the camera on that time and failed to pursue my dad to buy one for me.ROFL

This is my picture.I think 1 picture is enough here.May Allah brings me more luck :)


The picture was taken last January 2011.Fortunately my friend and I wore the same sneakers but only different in colors on that day.So the other friend suggested to take a photo like this and pretend like this picture was taken from a couple who are in love.LOL.Consequently,my legs become numbness in order to get this kind of shot because its not easy to find a great angle with the slope that we sat on.Kudos to my friend who captured this picture using my camera.It is my first picture with vintage editing tho :)

I would love to tag;
Iela Fadila
Fadila Othman
Jaya Junior
and all readers who are interested with this contest.

For more information about the contest,please visit this blog.HURRY!!!


kamarukom said...

tenkiu 4 joining my contest!! ;)
gudlak ye ^o^

Useriez said...

ni kalau menang kena share hadiah!

a's said...

welcome :)

a's said...

macam confirm boleh menang sajo -_-"
dapat hadiah angin ja kot

iela_fadila alias said...

fna !!!
xsmpat na join !
uhu.ak bwu bca entry ni smlm pastu tenet mmg ngeng ngan ak.erh.
hope hg mng!mnarik la hadiah dia...

a's said...

alaaa.....sempat lagi la
come on!
hadiah memang sangat menarik.just try my luck.tak mengharap sgt cz ramai gila yang join.huhuhuhu