26 February 2011

Wonderful Feeling

my name and my logo were there! wink*note that the heavy noise was edited purposely.

no words can describe my feeling when I went to Mahallah office to claim the parcel and I need to bring the parcel along to Biostatistic class because I will miss the office hour if I wait until the class end.

Then after class,I went to Library at Kuliyyah of Medical building to find some book for my reference for UNGS assignment and end up found these few books about digital image and editing books which caught my eyes for the first time! -___-'

Since I was in foundation studies,I preferred to borrow Photoshop books rather than Physics text book..I rather spent my time reading and staring at the magnificent editing pictures with tutorials inside the book than doing my colorful notes and study my lecture notes to kill the time.

When it comes to images,photography and editing; nothing else can beat them! Sorry,I will do my revision only after I have finished reading these books.


Nies Hanna said...

wah..bestkan bila dah ada minat yg mendalam...

a's said...

@Nies Hanna
yup,memang best..lagi best bila dapat tengok hasilnya.pray that this is not just a temporary hobby,but a lifetime interest.

Wahida Shukeri said...

great job my dear..congratulations...it's ur work hard....=)

a's said...

@Wahida Shukeri
you help a LOT sister! I can't imagine if you are not there to help me on that time...thank you!!