27 March 2011


The whole family is happy with your engagement yesterday! Hopefully he is the right one for you and be a good wife soon.Sorry because I cannot attend the ceremony like other relatives do.

my dad was wearing the orange batik and sat at the most left center with his eldest brother and his younger brother (dad for this cousin). Can't believe that my dad already become one of the 'orang tua-tua yang nak lead a ceremony like this.Cayalah ayahanda! LOL"

p/s: Even though my eldest sister is the first grandchildren from my dad's side,but this cousin who has the same age with me (21st years old) move a step further from us and closer to the new phase in her life. May Allah bless you and your fiancee.

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Wahida Shukeri said...

pasni anna plak..ayahanda dah tau lead kan??