05 March 2011

Did they miss me? # 3

I just had a long conversation through phone with mom tonight. Before that,my atuk called but unfortunately I was in the wash room at the moment. After performed isyak prayer,I called him. He miss me a lot and he told me that he just cannot wait to see me this April. His voice makes me feel like wanna fly to my hometown right on the dot! I miss him!! He told me that our neighbour which is one of my relatives has passed away last night and the other granny also has passed away last 2 weeks ;'( . They both stayed just besides my atuk's house and they were just like my 'grannies' too.

my hero;

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku..Kau panjangkanlah umur atukku dan kedua ibu bapaku.Sesungguhnya aku amat merindui mereka sekarang ;'( Jauhkanlah mereka daripada sebarang malapetaka.Amin.

Then,a few minutes after that Along sms me and said that ayahanda keep asking her whether I call home or not since last few days. My bad. I knew that I am too EGO and will not call home as frequent as my other friends do.

Without wasting any minute,I call home and ibunda was on the line.I asked them to call me back (as usual to save my credit.LOL). Along called and chat about keropok lekor that I bought from the pasar malam and all then she passed the phone to ibunda.

When I talk with my mom,nothing is secret between us! I told her about everything.The hectic weeks that I have been through and the theft cases that happened this week in my hostel lately.She was a bit worried but ayahanda was the one with high level of adrenaline and called my aunts right on the dot and ask her to keep my valuable belongings at her place especially my baby blacky. He worried to much! You are too cute daddy :P

Consequently, my aunt will give a visit at my hostel tomorrow and I will be apart with my baby until final exam ends then I can meet him back. Seriously I am gonna miss him. But for the sake of his safety,I agreed with my daddy's solution even I am too scared if my cousin give a 'try' on my baby without my permisson. Oh God!!

And I almost forgot,my adik busuk masam did called me like everyday -_-". Since she is staying at the hostel,she will call everybody at home like twice a week and every time she calls,she will say "Adik saja aje call,rindu angah.Ok bye iTalk adik nak habis". *Okay nak nangis bawah bantal now!!*

my siblings with cousin at the most right

To sum up,THEY REALLY MISS ME AT HOME AND THEY PLANNED TO COME HERE NEXT WEEKENDS JUST TO VISIT ME. I'm touched. Mommy,daddy,along,adik,atuk-I miss you!!!!!

I miss the budak-budak sengal too!! ;'(

p/s: yes I am mommy's daughter and I am childish more than my little sister does :(

p/s/s: I remember when ayahanda asked me why I want to buy DSLR camera and I answered : "I want to take a picture of atuk of every single day". But I failed to do that. Just 30++. deng!! I need to keep my promise!

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