15 March 2011

I'm so SICK #3

LOL,this drama still going on everybody!

And till now I haven't meet the doctor yet! *Applause*

I went to the f*(&$#@ clinic once again last 30 minutes. I just try my luck and never expect much pun.Then I talked to the medical assistant and asked him whether I can meet the doctor or not and he said "Wait a minute,I will check with the doctor".

Then he went to the Pharmacy section and asked the pharmacists so on and so forth then he called me and said "Sorry,Doctor tak ambil patient sekarang".

And I was a bit angry but still put a smile on my face and asked
"Then, when the doctor will be available?" with strong and firm voice.

He smile and said "Esok lah,esok doktor ambil patient"

Then he continue "Awak nak jumpa doktor jugak ke?? Kalau nak ambil ubat,boleh je ambil sekarang".


Hello,I even don't know what is wrong with my menstrual cycle and you asked me to take a medicine without meeting the doctor first??? Kalau aku tahu aku sakit apa,tak payah susah-susah aku kejar doktor tu sana sini!!

Sekian terima kasih...

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