14 March 2011

Vacation: Terengganu

After all,it was a short and enjoyable weekends. Nothing can compare with the time that you can spend with your family. It was too precious!

Even though we went to Kuala Terengganu just for overnight but still I enjoy the loooooonnnnggg journey that we had from Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu last Saturday that took us almost 5 hours to reach KT due to heavily congested and raining day plus there is no highway or double lane road to KT.pfftt!

the journey of 200km++ started at 1pm on Saturday after we went to TUDM Kuantan for the TUDM Open Day.My uncle is a former Royal Air Force in Kuantan. So,we went there just to look around and have a visit at the booth that were sat there.

My family arrived at Kuala Terengganu almost at 8pm meanwhile my uncle's family already been there since 5pm.LOL. This is because we went to eat and pray,then stop by at the stalls besides the road and bought lemang,satar and etc. Eat while you can!

But my uncle's family just drove straight to Kuala Terengganu and they check-in the apartment first.

While my family went to Masjid Kristal and I was a bit upset because I cannot manage to get there during day with the daylight. Frankly speaking,I am not that good in taking landscape picture during night even though I have my speedlight with me -____-"

After few trials with the help of my adik being a model,I finally got the 'formula' to get a better picture! No need to use the speedlight tho :D

Then we went to one restaurant at Kuala Terengganu to have our dinner. For me,I just cannot stand with the food that I had on that night. Its not suite with my 'Northern tongue' which loves hot and spicy food.

Next we headed to our apartment. Had such pillow talk with my along and adik before went to sleep and we had our Nasi Dagang on the following morning besides the beach.After having our breakfast,we went to Pasar Payang and mom bought a pair of RM5++ of batik sutera which I envy the most!! Erk...I want that batik sutera too!!

That's what happened when I walked with along who never being attempt with this 'mommy's stuff' and cannot find my mom in that bazaar! What a waste!

Then we went to Kelulut to find the best keropok lekor to bring back home. And I bought some for myself and friends. I found that the keropok lekor is the most delicious and full with fish fillet in it which is hard to find nowadays in any place.

Another pit stop was Kemaman to buy the satar. Bought 3 long sticks of satar and our stomach fulled already.

We arrived Kuantan almost at 6pm and went to Teluk Cempedak to feel the breeze in that evening. Then we went to one mall in this town to find my bag pack and new shoes to class because kakiku sudah lebam dan kembung air sebab kasut yang ibunda belikan dulu tu sudah 'menggigit' kakiku tanpa belas kasihan..sedih!

I found this one pair of Lee Cooper's ladies sneakers and the price is about rm99 nett but unfortunately there is no new pieces of that sneakers. Only the display pieces left and I left the outlet with heartbroken!

Next,I went to Universal Traveller outlet to find a very comfy bag pack but again I could not find one! I want a bag like my along have which is very light and fancy with big compartment ;'(

We had our dinner at Tanjung Lumpur Wild Wild Western which is not suggested to others. Better eat at Santhai with cozy place and delicious food plus cheaper than this WWW restaurant (or stall?). I just hate the service and the portion of the food there.Enough said.

Overall,this vacation full with eating activity! Yeahhh,lets add more calories for good.LOL! I need to have normal weight by the way :D

And now,I just cannot wait for this 18th April and fly back to Kedah from KL even though I think I can settle everything in Kuantan by 16th and should going back by 16th but I've already bought the ticket last Wednesday ;'(

Its okay,just enjoy the 'show'. And cannot wait to go to KL and eat,eat,eat and shop until drop! ROFL :D

p/s: please ignore the grammatical errors :S

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