10 March 2011

I'm so SICK

Including today morning,its already my 3rd times waiting for 'something' to be done and settled. I am sick of people like this! Totally jack up my day today! whattheheck!!

I went to my university's clinic last Monday to get some medical consultation regarding my menstrual cycle problem but unfortunately the medical attention is not available on that day until Tuesday.

I have fully packed class on Wednesday until 10.30pm at night so I made a decision to meet the doctor today before going to class.

And guess what,I went to clinic around 9.45am and the medical assistant said

"I am sorry,doctor didn't want to take any patient at 10-11am because she needs to rest"

WTF!! From what I concern,the working hours for the clinic is on 8.30am-1pm and 2.30pm-5pm!

So what's the heck with this 'rest' time and all??

Last few weeks,me,F and Srii went to clinic to use the weighing scale roughly at 4.40pm but the nurse already asked us out because they wanted to go back home already.

Ini lah masalah orang Melayu! Suka 'mencuri' masa dan malas buat kerja! Thank you! I hate the facilities that were provided here.

live from Biostats Computer Lab.

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feruz said...

complaint kat mgmt university lah..ajak kawan ramai2 n bring up dekat perwakilan pekajar ke ape..sah2 kene soudn derg pas tuh ..huhuhu