12 March 2011

Massive Earthquake in North-Eastern Japan

Tsunami warning issued in 50 areas includes Japan, Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and the United States.-CNN

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Innalillah hi wainna ilaihi roji'un..

The world has been shocked with the breaking news of massive earthquake in North-East Japan today. I only knew about this matter at 6pm this evening after read some of my friends' status in Facebook.

A person like me who never read online news or newspaper need to be thankful to the people who loves to update the current news about world in Facebook. It is so convenient sometimes perhaps.

Deep condolences to all the victims of this natural disaster.

And this 8.9-magnitude temblor in Japan was the largest earthquake since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Banda Aceh area of Indonesia on Dec. 26, 2004, causing a massive tsunami that killed about 250,000 people in 14 countries and washed away entire communities.

The earthquake, initially reported as a 7.8 earthquake, was upgraded to an 8.9 quake.

"When you jump a magnitude from 7 to 8, it's not 10 times stronger, it's 1000 times stronger," said CNN International meteorologist Ivan Cabrera. "With an ... earthquake that shallow, that close to shore, there will be more than one tsunami."

To me,this is just like a 'sign' for myself to repent and back to the real pathway of Allah. I have been so forgetful nowadays. I neglect my routine of recitation Al-Quran everyday and I tend to pray not on time (after azan). I knew I worked so hard to achieve the pleasure of life in this world and left aside the akhirat thingy. Shame on you anna!

Since this devastated earthquake happened on "Penghulu segala hari" (Friday), didn't you feel something? Na'uzubillah. ;'(
"..telah nampak kerosakan di darat dan di laut disebabkan kerana perbuatan tangan manusia, supaya Allah merasakan kepada mereka sebahagian dari (akibat) perbuatan mereka, agar mereka kembali (ke jalan yang benar).." [Ar Ruum:41]

I would like to ask forgiveness from Allah for all the sins that I have committed since the day that I was born and to all people out there for the mistakes that I made all this while either in this blog (writing) or in reality. I am a human and tend to make mistakes. I am sorry!

May Allah bless us always. Please pray for our safety in here and never commit sins in His world anymore. Never misbehave because He is the one who Creates us. Allah is 'angry' with us now,can you see that?

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