12 March 2011

Results for the Photo Contest

The results for "Aku,Dia & Vintage" photo contest was announced since last week and Alhamdulillah my photo is one of the top 118 among 444 contestants.

And last wednesday,the organizer of the contest announced the top 50 photos out of 118 short listed photos before this and Alhamdulillah again my photo still in the list.

Today will be the day that the winner will be announced and praying that I have another luck or else just buy the polaroid camera by myself next few months ;'(

Ganbatte to everyone.........

p/s: Seems like the organizer is studying in Japan and due to unpredictable natural disaster,I am not really sure whether he can excess to the net or not. And I am not sure how his condition right now in Japan. Whatever it takes,please pray for the safety of our ummah wherever we are.Amin

p/s/s: Anyone interested to try their luck in lucky draw,click HERE for more information.I was the winner for last month lucky draw,and who will be the winner for this month? Maybe its YOU!! Try now guys

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iela_fadila alias said...

minx2 hg mng !!
bley try nt,hihik.. :P