09 March 2011

What is Hearbeat?

As you all knew,Heartbeat.my is just like one website that encourages people to express their own artistic impulses in the web site. The Heartbeat.my team will make sure that all our gifts/orders are personalised and unique.

HeartBeat.my produces those unique gifts that you could not find in Malaysia gifts & souvenirs shop. We provide personalized & unique gifts such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles and so on that printed with your photos and special wording on it.

There are no minimums quantity. It is suitable for all gift-giving occasions such as birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary and etc.

HeartBeat.my was founded in 2006 in Malaysia. Currently we are expanding our business to North and South Malaysia. Since that time, HeartBeat.my has provided many memorable gifts to our customers.

Besides running this business of gift and souvenir online shop,they also run an advertisement making profit for the bloggers and web site owner just like Nuffnang does. Don't worry,if you are already the Glitterati member for Nuffnang account and feels like interested to put this advertisement in your blog,please do not hesitate to do so because your Glitterati status will not be banned by the Nuffnang team because this Heartbeat.my is not a competitor for the Nuffnang like Innity and other Ads Network Company.

So here is the tutorial how to make an account and put the ads of Heartbeat.my into your blog.

First of all,click this banner

Next,click "Create an account"

then fill up the information required in the form and click "Continue"

Next,click "Join HB! Affilate" to continue the registration process

Click at "Online application"

To complete the registration,fill up the website information and preferred payment either via account or cheque.

Finish! To put the pinky banner in the blog,just click "Get the Code" at the dashboard and paste any code with different position and size of banner that you like.

Happy trying! :)

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