29 April 2011

Day 10


Woke up at 8.23am and pushed myself not to continue my sleeping beauty again because I am afraid of that 'abang postlaju' call again and bebel some more. -___-'

Watched "Chef at Home" at channel 703 and I slept for 45 minutes with spectacle!!! Pity girl.LOL. Then checking my phone if there is any missed call but unfortunately there is nothing.

So I do the house chores as usual. Folded the clothes and kept in the wardrobe. When to kitchen,feel so lazy to cook something heavy since my little sister wanted to go to Pasar Malam so badly today. She is at home now. Buat cuti sendiri balik asrama :p

Then I have decided to make BBQ chicken. So I prepared all the spices to make the marinated sauce. I used Knor BBQ sauce,chillies,honey,pinch of salt and pepper. I marinated the chicken and also 2 pieces of sausages. I am a big eater!!

Later,I continued my job with the laundry and then when to take bath and perform solat. At 2 pm,cook the chicken in convection oven since I am not really great in setting the normal oven.

saya memang suka buat kerja comot-comot :'(

Meanwhile,I waited for the 'abang poslaju' and watched TV again. Eat the BBQ chicken and the taste was divine! I want for more but all the stocks of chicken already finished in the fridge ;'(

At 4pm,the 'abang poslaju' came and my theory was proven to be true! He is 'cute'. HA-HA,no wonder he has such great voice.lol. Then my little sister arrived home,we went to pasar malam but before that we went for job hunting around my place here..

Luckily there were too many job vacancies there but I can tell the payment/salary must be so low so I picked the job which suites me.First,I went to Photo Shop and left my contact and details there. Seems like there were 3 other applications still pending and plus me it will be 4. Due to my enthusiasm in photography,I try my best to 'sell' myself by telling them a bit about my portfolio even they don't really asked me pun.hahaha..I think they will make up an interview session later kot?

Then I went to 1 ladies butik which sell ladies attires and the employer seems to be so 'angkuh' dan pandang aku atas-bawah,atas-bawah je.Mind you the boss is a WOMAN.And bila dia suruh aku call semula esok,dia pandang aku dengan sinis bila aku guna handphone yang mungkin tak layak sebagai seorang salesgirl. Adei,awal-awall lady boss ni dah kasi bad impression!!

She urged me to make quick decision whether I want to work with her or not because she needed an employer right on the dot.If I agree with the condition which are:

Working hours: 10.30 am-10pm
Working days: 6 days (Off on Tuesday)
Payment: RM400.00; KWSP, Plus RM200 if do OT (but working on OFF day (Tuesday) is not OT)

And I said "Esok saya kasi jawapan ye,nak tanya mak dulu". Sebenarnya aku tak nak kerja situ! RM400? With that working hours and days? Ingat aku robot ke apa??

Then,at night me,my little sister and mommy went to mommy's kampung to visit the cousins and aunty from KL who came back for a wedding of my 2nd cousin's daughter.

And my cousin said "Farhana dah chubby sekarang,you look good! Maintain like this okay?"

I was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM I THAT FAT??

This is all because of last study week and exam week which I ate like hell and I must buy 2 meals for dinner. 1 meal of noodles and 1 meal of egg burger (compulsory every night). Macam mana aku tak sihat macam ni kan??Apakah ini semua?? Belum tambah dengan adipose tissues hasil cuti 5 bulan ni lagi....I must do something!!

Malu dengan semua orang!! Tak nak kawan :(

p/s: will upload the pictures later.Update from my daddy's lappy.

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