30 April 2011

Day 11


I'm signing off from cooking with my freestyle,instead helping mom with the cook and macam biasa sambil masak sambil membebel-bebel. That's life at home-credit to Along for the quote.

Already told that lady boss about rejecting the job offer. Better to find other easier job with good salary.

Today is the big day for William and Kate. "I Do" ceremony and all which makes all the women on this earth keep dreaming of having such better half like Prince William and have wedding like them.

Went to aunt house for a birthday party of my cousin's son.

I'm too tired to continue this entry.Basically,when all the cousins are coming back to this hometown,badan akan jadi extra letih sebab asyik 'terbang' sana sini. Makan pun main sumbat saja.

Aku dah semakin chubby.FULLSTOP.

Esok nak tagging jugak dengan Yusry,Abang ngah and kak Wahida untuk job wedding tu.Mintak-mintak dapat belajar banyak benda baru.InsyaAllah untuk bekalan masa depan.We will see how it goes tomorrow.


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