23 April 2011

Day 4

Woke up early at 9am after slept almost 9 hours due to the tiredness of the job yesterday which does not give much income pun. Just do a favor for someone and more to help her in a way to kill the time.

Then,the weekends maid came as usual I have this "Kak Fasha" nickname if she is in this house. She is too obsess and said that my face looks similar like Fasha Sandha. ROFL. I don't know why but since the first day she works here she called me with that nickname.

After took my shower,Along and me went to post office to renew our driving license. And then we went to Maybank because Along wanted to withdraw some money.

Got the precious time with Along and gossiping about everything.I have only knew about the secret of my mother that she paid the down payment for her new car at price of RM***,***.**!!! I never knew that my mom got lots of saving like that!! She used her own money to buy her dream cars so far. She is totally my idol. Strive the best by myself to get what I want. I love the spirit.

At evening,Along and I went to Hospital to visit our relative that was admitted there for few weeks already. Mom and aunt went there too but we were separated by 2 cars.

After that,Along and I went to have our hi tea and gossiping session again. -__-'

At 11pm,Along went to KL for good by bus. She will start her new job next week so she needs to go to KL earlier to find place to stay and etc.

Starting from tonight,I WILL BE ALL ALONE AT THIS HOUSE AND NOTHING TO DO! I want to find a job but I will face a transportation problem because ayahanda use my car to go to work because mom seldom use her new car,consequently she will use another car and as a result only the new car left at home with me.

Macam ibunda kasi aku sentuh stereng kereta baru dia tu kan. Mampus aku langgar tiang kalau drive kereta tu sebab macam kapal dah aku tengok dia punya size ;'(

Jalan kaki jelah aku lepas ni...*sigh

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