28 April 2011

Day 9


I am still not in the mood of anything. Less online today. I have only online roughly 5 hours only today which is like a BIG "WOW" for a jobless and online maniac like me. Please feel amaze about this 'achievement'.LOL

Even I was calmed by the boyfriends, and plus another lecture of MOVING ON but still I feel bad about the lost. Its all may fault for being so careless bak kata abang ngah. Yes I know and I would not repeat the same mistake again in the future.

Just forget about that (even my heart and mind still think about it all the time),lets talk about the activities today.

gambar senget sebab tuan pun tak berapa nak betul -__-'

I cooked the most simplest dish in world; Fish Soup because I have no mood at all. I just sat in front of the TV and watched everything from 9.15 am until 1 pm then I cooked the soup for 30minutes then when upstairs and perform the solat then continue with TV. What a pathetic me!!

Mind you,if I have emotion conflict I will keep myself silence and my face will be the most UGLIEST face ever with those wrinkles on my forehead.

Watched the TV even dad already at home and that's mean my car was available but I have no feeling at all to go anywhere. I ate chocolate and dad brought sweet pineapples which is divine! I ate the sweet pineapples at the evening before watering the plants in pot at the yard.

Before that,I checked my phone after performed solat Asar and I got few missed calls from unknown numbers and I checked the inbox messages and that numbers said he was an officer from Postlaju and urged me to call him back.

But by the time I checked my phone,its already hour and half after he called me.ROFL!!

With the confident and courage to get my parcel,I called him and he did 'membebel' like mom does!! OMG! Siapa lah lelaki ni,tak sabar aku nak tengok muka esok. Mesti 'cute' kan? Sebab suara dia sedap :P My closest friends will know this theory.

So basically my 2nd album is coming!! And its gonna be a present for my mom's birthday+parents 28th anniversary last week. I just cannot wait to see the album.Weeehuuuuu!

Plus I got the payment for last week 'job'.Alhamdulillah. Masuk tabung kilat

At least,I got something to smile on plus the jokes from that Mr S who always be a good joker and abang ngah too! Thanks.

my dinner,3 slices of toasted wheat grain bread with blackberry St. Dalfour spread + 2 chicken sausages :P

And to all my friends,never get me wrong. I am a bit (extra) emotional these few days due to the PMS perhaps??Sorry for my misbehave.


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