27 April 2011

Prince William

Again,another crush of mine will gonna get married this weekends(besides Ashraf Muslim) !

He is looking so hot when he has beard!

I started to admire this adorable-wise-prince ever since I was in primary school.Silly me :P He is my first crush tho.

The luckiest lady in world; Catherine Middleton,29 who is the commoner and a year older than Prince William soon will become a Queen. Just like in a fairytale; a Prince falling in love with a girl who has not related with the royal family.

FYI,this lovely couple met during their university life in University of St Andrews in Fife. Prince William graduated in 2005 with a 2:1 honors degree in Geography after switching subjects, while Kate achieved the same award in history of Art.

In their first year, William and Kate lived a few doors apart at St Salvator's hall of residence and became friendly, socializing together and playing tennis.

They began sharing an elegant four-bedroom Edwardian townhouse with two friends at the start of their second year.

At the time Miss Middleton was dating another student, Rupert Finch.

By the following year, the four moved into a secluded rented cottage outside the town.

It is not known exactly when William and Kate became an item but it is rumored to be around Christmas 2003.

Another info about the royal wedding is Prince Harry will become the best man for his brother.This two siblings are so closed to each other which makes me adore most about their relationship and family bonding.Lucky Lady D to have kids like them. ;')

Later,when Prince William and Kate have babies,aren't their children gonna be half-blood-prince/princess???

Whatever it is, Congratulation to both of them.May they live happily ever after together :')

all images credit to Google :)

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