21 April 2011

Day After Final Exam #1

Lets recap of those hectic days after final examination.

FYI,our final paper of this final examination Semester II was on 14th April 2011, at 9am..The subject of that day is Calculus. And as I expected,the questions were killing me on the dot and I'm just hoping for the best and some mercy from HIM and also my examiners; Prof Torla and Bro Arieff. Amin!

After we get our ass off from that examination hall,every one seems to be so gloomy. Supposed we should be happy because our 5 months holidays just begins but unfortunately with that type of questions,I feel so insecure! I am afraid of something bad happens in my results slip. Na'uzubillah.....

After withdraw some money from the ATM machine,then we went to cafe and then hostel. I am not taking any food on that day since morning until midnight. I just ate 1 medium size karipap at my aunt's house and a glass of orange drink for whole day. This is all because of Calculus paper which turned off my mood on that day :(

After settled with the meeting for the BBQ (i'm not involve with this meeting),then me,girl-next-door,miss twin,miss N and miss D went out for 1/2 day hanging out together. We started our journey at 2.20 pm and went to my aunt's house to fetch my baby.

Chatting and eating and have some hi tea there almost 1 hour,then we asked to leave and went to Megamall to play bowling and do some shopping for the BBQ on a day after tomorrow (Saturday).

miss N in action

Me,girl-next-door and miss N only who played bowling becuase miss D and miss twin strongly refused to play due to some reasons. HAISH!! We just wanna have some fun.no need to feel embarrassing about the skills lah.

After a while never play bowling,I was the winner on that day with 116 score and first runner up will be miss N with 83 score and followed by girl-next-door with 63 score.

I am a bit depressed when I have missed 4 chances to get spare in a row but I have no luck on that day. I just have some spare and only 1 or 2 strikes. sigh* Again,this is all because of Calculus!

Then we separated to find everybody's present for the BBQ Night. Miss twin and I went for some shopping and I spent RM100++ just in Megamall. Haish!! I don't know it is a wise to spend few hundreds ringgit there because I bought nothing branded things from there!

Our journey continued after performed Maghrib prayer there and then we were headed to Cowboy mart to find some boxes to keep our belongings in store. Mind you the boxes cost us RM0.50 per kg and all the boxes weight were 7kg!! But I have only seen few pieces of boxes and I assumed that the weight was less than 2kg pun! Biar betul kotak biasa-biasa berat 7 kg? Bola bowling pun berapa pound,bila convert to kilogram tak kan sama dengan berat kotak 10 pcs kot?

Nampak bebenor menipunyeeeeee...............Manusia oh manusia! Sampai bila kau nak menipu...

Finally we went to Teluk Cempedak because our friends already waiting for us to celebrate the birthday of some of our friends there. We ate sate and cakes there. Even it was not a proper celebration with good foods and decoration but I enjoy the food on that night (maybe because I haven't had my breakfast+lunch+dinner yet).

At 11 pm,we went back to our hostel and I have Bubur Ayam Mc D as my breakfast+lunch+dinner+supper on that day. It was so tiring but I enjoy my day.

p/s: will upload more pictures later.Internet macam )(*&#$%@!

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