21 April 2011

Day 2

Basically I do nothing pun today.ROFL. Just finished my second album and waiting for the printing and so forth.

Edit some pictures of last week events.Then I was attacked by mild headache and I went upstairs to get some rest plus I need air conditioner!!! It is freaking hot down here. I cannot stand with the high temperature here.

Then I cooked something for dinner and of course for MYSELF since mom already ordered something to eat from outside and bought by dad.

credit to baby SE Vivaz Pro for the picture

This is cheesy omelette with sausages and beef burger? Ini namanya main hentam but definitely this is unhealthy food because I add almost a table spoon of Mozarella cheese in the omelette.LOL.

Done with day 2.


jaya jr said...

haha,ni kene banned nih..boleh bawak obesiti..wakawaka

a's said...

#jaya jr
hahahaha..jgn bagitau sapa2 nanti kena banned! LOL