19 April 2011

Day 1

I'm thinking of writing everything that I have done every day so that I can read it back later what I have done the whole 5 months holidays.Sorry Miss Twin,we got the same idea.I am not imitating you.

So today basically I woke up at 9 am after collapsed at 12 am last night and sleep soundly until morning. Then check some mails and met my tokwan (the nanny's husband).

In the evening, I went to my little sister's school and sent her back to her hostel. Mommy took us a ride with her new car. And today is mommy's birthday.

After that,I went to Alor Star with along with my kelisa but along drove all the way because I have not renew my license yet since last month. I have already got the competent license anyway since last year.

To sum up,I have not doing anything yet because I am still tired with the journey back home yesterday.I will post the entries later,more to come!! Just transfer 475 pictures from my baby blacky but I am not willing to post everything here or in Facebook. More craps than gold.

Done with Day 1.

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jaya jr said...

haha,baru sehari..banyok hari lagi..