18 April 2011

Quick Update #10

This is an auto-published entry.

I might be departed from Kuantan-KL at 10am by bus this morning and the journey maybe take about 3hours++. And I will spend sometime to loiter around the city and visit my favorite place to have window shopping and REAL SHOPPING is really a MUST.

Then I'm gonna go to LCCT early than ever because I'm a bit worry about the heavy congested on the road since Monday is a working day and I might stuck in there for few minutes. So better have a backup plan -_-'

Pray for my safe journey back home since I will travel all alone from Kuantan-Kedah by myself. Huhuhuhuhu...

Happy Holiday everyone.Will update later about the days after exam when I touch down Kedah.LOL. Bajet macam belajar di overseas sajo.Blah la!


1 comment:

iela_fadila alias said...

waaa..bestnya d acuti ! da balek kedah..hepi holiday dear ! have a safe jrney.amin..