24 April 2011

Random# 53

I think it has been awhile I never post about random things that happened in my life recently.

Lets start talking craps.

I don't know what I have been through all this while but I kinda love the way it flows. I really feel comfortable with this friend of mine since the day I knew him. Day by day I realize that he is just the same like my 'abang ngah' who is the closest boyfriend that I have ever had since we were in form 3. He is a great companion,protector,gentleman,joker,follower,adviser,brother and etc. You just name it,he can be one!

Mind you,I used to hate him for few months but Allah is Great and HE twisted the feeling of hate to like.I felt like in drama -___-'

Thanks Allah for giving me such great circle of friends who always be there by my side so that I would not feel so empty like few years back and consequently makes me lost some weight for several months.

And to you Mr S, you are the bestest boyfriend ever!! Stay cool as you are now.So Cooliioooooo~~~LOL.Tochei (macam ucapan terima anugerah pulak :P )

Thank you for the treat and also 'double the happiness' even it is not on Wednesday Pink Day

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jaya jr said...

haha,jiwang dh tu..baru cuti brape hari..kah3