01 May 2011

Day 12


woke up late today even I slept at 12am last night -____-'
Preparing myself to go to the wedding of my 2nd cousin's daughter. And make sure all the things to bring are all ready. I will go to the other wedding for job tagging along/gaining experience straight away from the place of my 2nd cousin's daughter wedding place.

Ate a lot at the wedding because I have not take my breakfast yet. Then asked my parents to drop me somewhere so that akak Wahida Onizuka can fetch me. Waited for 45 minutes then she arrived and went to the wedding. Yusry and abang ngah were already there since 12pm -____-'

Lucky us,the groom only arrived at the wedding 10/15 minutes after we arrived there.Phewww sempat jugak shoot pengantin berarak. The weather was freaking hot plus the house has few fans only!!

We were sweating like hell. Even if the house was like 'kampung house' only,but I enjoy myself capturing the moments on a big day of the newly wed couple.There were too kind and never complain nor disobey to our instructions. Co-operation between newly wed couples and photographers is crucial in creating a great quality of photos.FYI,the bride is only 21st years old!! OMG!! dah nak balik baru tau umur dia sama dengan aku but she looks more matured than me,obviously!

Teaser of outdoor shooting at Marina amenda entah nama. Baru edit secebis ini sajo. ;'(

Thank you guys (akak WO,abang ngah,Yusry) because made my day today and gave me such great exposure in this new 'world' of hardness and sweetness of being an OP for 3rd times literally.

Arrived at home nearly at 8pm. Went to eat at my cousin's famous roti canai stall near my house.All the cousins,aunties,uncles walking from home to the stalls and that was precious! Everybody seems to be happy to gather and ate like there is no tomorrow! And I got my 'roti sardin' best in WORLD made by my cousin. Ha-ha! Credit to Facebook for connecting me with all the relatives back then when I was in Kuantan and I posted a picture of roti sardin that worth RM3.6o per piece. And I can get roti sardin here at my place with FREE of charge.HA-HA but the actual price will be rm2 only and roti biasa rm1. GILA MURAH SAMPAI NAK NANGIS DAN ORDER LAGI SATU KEPING!!!!!

Seriously living cost in Kuantan way more expensive than other places in Malaysia.Trust me! Even in KL pun still ada kedai murah-murah but jangan mimpi nak jumpa kedai murah di Kuantan.Better you eat fast food sebab harga standard satu Malaysia.

After ate roti sardin,few satay and my stomach still feel like empty.OMG! Tolonglah paham wahai perut,aku dah gemuk jangan nak mengada sangat boleh?

The cousins wanted to watch Akademi Fantasia and I was like,ala bosan!! Mind you,I was AF freak since AF1 until AF8 (exclude AF3,4,5 because of there is no Astro on that time.study2!). But this year,I feel like throwing up bila tengok muka masing-masing. Better I watch Maharaja Lawak yang tak pernah boring itu. More fun.

Layan konsert AF for few hours with all the cousins and nephews,meanwhile the oldies were gossiping while folding the clothes at the corner of the living hall. Baru meriah sikit rumah agam ni. Before this duduk bertiga saja. Suara pun tak dengar (except when mommy membebel-bebel sebab aku bangun lambat la kan -___-' ).

What a tiring day! The big family tomorrow will have "Bakor Bakor" for lunch at kampung before they are going back to KL and that is the best part among all. Daging bakor cicah air assam,sup sayur,seafood bakor, plus air kelapa pandan with air ais krim soda= heaven!

Apasal aku excited sangat cakap pasal makanan ni? DASAR GEMUK ;'(

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