17 May 2011

Day 28

16 May 2011

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers in world and especially my mommy! She is the best teacher in my world!

Since the baby blacky still sick and it turned my mood to bad one for this whole day!! I have not smile at all today except when I got sms from my friend and he is good in making jokes and I just cannot resist it.

I have not cooking anything since mommy already cooked for me (once again). She cooked "Assam pedas sayur keladi" a big pot for us!!

Done with the laundry,watched TV and eat! Yeah,i'm very moody today!! So don't mess with me or else I will fire you!

At night,sent mommy for her Teacher's Day Dinner at dewan apa entah untuk peringkat daerah and after sending her,I drove the car to nowhere because I usually drove car whenever I got problems and ate like monster!! My friend keep advising me to control my bad habit because it will cause obese when over the limit.

Know what,I ate nasi with lauk (lunch)+1/2 tupperware of ice cream (hi tea), 2 slices of moist chocolate cake (hi tea), 1 slice of bread with blackberry spread (hi tea), parmesan cheese omelette with 4 pieces cocktail sausages (dinner),few glasses of milk (dinner)! And now you calculate yourself how much calories did I take today!!

This is killing me!! I need new phone! I need new better half! (Eh?) So that I can live happily ever after..cehhhh.

Done with Day 28

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