28 June 2011

Its all about Scorpio babies!

My horoscope is Scorpio and here are some random facts that caught my attention in Tweeter by Zodiac Zone!

#Scorpio are emotionally vulnerable people who give themselves completely to their work. #ZodiacZone (definitely true :D)

#Scorpio are strong leaders who can bring forth success in all their enterprises. #ZodiacZone (err,really??)

#Scorpio tend to have a healing effect on others. #ZodiacZone (I try to please every body because I love people around me)

#Scorpio are the transformers, The Phoenix. They live through desire. #ZodiacZone (Transformers 3!! HA-HA)

#Scorpio like keeping things a little mysterious. #ZodiacZone (make others eager to know me,if any.lol)

#Scorpio need great self-discipline, because they are able to recognize the qualities in themselves. #ZodiacZone ( I aim for perfection in everything,but sometimes I failed to do that ;'( )

#Scorpio know their greatest weakness is denying weakness and their greatest strength is forgiving weakness. #ZodiacZone (forgiving? I'm trying to have pure heart and never envy of anyone)

#Scrorpio are very capable of hiding their true feelings and motivations. #ZodiacZone (SO TRUE! *applicable sometimes*)

#Scorpio are extremely ambitious, persistent and determined which is shown through a power hungry, controlling attitude. #ZodiacZone (I always have something on my mind so that I could strive to be better for tomorrow)

#Scorpio can be argumentative and elegant but that's simply because they see all oppositions a healthy change. #ZodiacZone (Argument=Anna=Annoying LOL)

And the most true among all is;

#Scorpio are passionate in love and can hate with equal aggressiveness. #ZodiacZone

You cannot judge me because I myself still don't know how to judge myself.ROFL!


iela_fadila alias said...

transformer tu..ngeh2 :P

kays said...

Akak scorpio kee ?! saya pun scorpio jugak xD