14 July 2011

Quick Updates #14

I just realized that I have not take any rice for 3 days and today gonna be my 4th day!! Seriously I don't feel like eating.

For instance,yesterday I cook fish soup with carrot and potatoes. At first I don't want to cook the rice,I feel better to enjoy the soup with fish without rice. But then I changed my mind and cook a pot of rice.

After took my bath and perform prayer,I don't feel like eating and I just continue with my work and stayed few hours in front of the laptop.

I think I lost few kilos due to my lack of appetite habit. Urghhh,stressful with my appetite!!


Othman F. said...

ko mcm ni, aku kalo boleh nk habiskan satu pot! HAHA parah nyahhh

a's said...

#Othman F.
this week la aku tak makan nasi sangat ni.2 hari je kot aku makan,the rest aku tak makan pun.harini pun tak makan nasi.aiyoyo!!