12 July 2011

Random #58

“There are two kinds of silence: firstly, silence of the tongue, which consists of not speaking of other than God the Exalted with other than God the Exalted, altogether; and secondly, silence of the heart, which consists of refraining from all thought occurring in the soul that concerns any created thing at all.”— Shaykh Al-Akbar Ibn ‘Arabī

Being away from some people that I hate the most is the best way to gain more patience and keep my faith in HIM.

But deep inside my heart I do miss my friends a lot! These 2 days I got so many calls,sms,ym from fellow friends because I never be like this before! This is my first time to keep myself away from people without any notice.

To all my friends,I'll be back sooner or later. Let me heals my heart first. I need some space to breath.

And to "The Rock 2", I'm looking forward for the day that you will be free from your work.

Allah knows the best what i feel right now. I'm sick of this things and definitely this is not about love-hurt thingy.

Sudah sudah la tu menyalak.Okay bubbye!

Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence.-Arabic Proverb


Wahida Shukeri said...

u did a very good action dear rather than unwillingly reading to those craps!!!

a's said...

#wahida shukeri
selagi tak habis menyalak selagi tu i'll keep myself away from them.

jaya jr said...

running away..running man..haha

iela_fadila alias said...

awak..awak knpa..
saya xtaw pun..sbb saya pun jarang on9 fb..kalu buka pun tgk noti yg ada jap ja..

kan bb da ilang..

nt story ! t8 care dear

Cik NurulZaty said...

bubbye~~ :) xpe.smoga kite dpt rehatkan minda puas2 ok