17 July 2011

Wedding Videography Noh&Nina

I love to watch pre-wedding & wedding video. Recently,it has been a new trend to wedding photography which is to make videography. I was told by my friend who recently I met last month and he said that it's not easy to make one video with high definition and sync the important moments during the big day in one video which usually has 4-5mins duration time. Pheewww!!

And to make a videography like CST production,Manggis and etc,all you need the most is the software which requires high performance desktop with super duper fast processor. I'm so in love with the results but still don't have any effort to try once :D

These 2 videos of Noh & Nina 's wedding were awesome by Manggis. Waniiee was the one who gave me the link last night at 3am :D and the idea was super brilliant!! Seems like CST production has a new competitor in this field.LOL.

Enjoy the videos.

Custom Montage : Nina & Noh from Manggis on Vimeo.

FE : Nina & Noh's Akad Nikah + The Reception from Manggis on Vimeo.

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