17 July 2011

Dear Diary #48

The thing that I hate the most is when people who I trust easily lied to me and take for granted everything that happened around us.

When I put trust on someone,that's mean I want her/him to be the most honest friend for me but unfortunately you cannot be one. You just destroyed my trust for you. Too bad mate!

Enough with the drama and start to face the world once again because I can tell this things will never work.

"Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward." -Soren Kierkegaard


kays said...

Kak anna , bawak bersabar. insyaAllah disetiap kesusahan , pasti ada kebaikkan nye :) be strong pretty :)

a's said...

thanks dearie! insyaAllah i'll be strong like u :)