16 August 2011

The Awkward Moment #2

# When it comes to First Time

Last night was my first time being in "dup dap dup dap" again after several years never felt that way. And it was so awkward when it comes to First Time.

It does not matter what are the things that you do,but when it comes to First Time you will feel extra nervous and even worst my hands will sweat! I remember when I was about to wait for my turn to do the JPJ test last 3 years,I felt so nervous even my driving teacher said that I can drive well since the first day he taught me but still the nervous was there!!

So,the same thing happened last night.

I can feel the awkwardness but then we laugh out loud with no significant reasons,maybe just to overcome the weird circumstance and that was a great kick start tho.


Othman F. said...


a's said...

#Othman F
haa! #TDDMKA

Othman F. said...

adui hashtag panjang bebenor. haha kene pikior dulu pebende maksudnye! hahaha.

kays said...

Akak , ohhh , cte baru ehh ? ^_^

a's said...

hahaah tu maknanya #TanganDiDadaMataKeAtas

ce praktis!

a's said...

hahaha no laaaaaaaaaa!! -___-"