25 September 2011

Gurauan #1

at time,people tend to do silly jokes in wrong circumstance and as a result the jokes will turn to be the other way round which might be unpleasant to be heard by someone.

There goes with this one hamba Allah who thinks he made a great joke about the sensitive issue for some people around him. I don't really know what his intention but seriously with his sarcastic smile,it made me angry like Angry Bird!

“And seek help through patience and prayer..” al-Baqarah verse 45

You know what,I am not the one who you can tease or make me feel so small in front of you! I know I have made mistake but I strive so hard for betterment this time but in the beginning you already give me such "motivational" words that I think I never ask for.

I might sound so immature but then I asked my friends about this and yes they agreed with me.His joking is beyond the limit. I will never insulting you back,instead I will pray to Him to open up your eyes and never judge people without knowing them personally!

Lets Allah do HIS job and I myself need to prove to this hamba Allah that I can be better than him no matter how hard it is! I need to be BOLD!!

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“Verily, our intercession (Shafaat) does not reach the one who takes prayers lightly”. A man asked to the Imam Sadiq (A.S.), “By which sign a person is determined to be a believer?” Imam Sadiq (A.S.) replied, “By Submission to Allah and satisfaction with the sad and happy events occurring to him.”

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