25 September 2011

Quick Updates #15

Alhamdulillah finally I have finished my fasting in month of Syawal today. Hopefully I can continue fasting on Monday and Thursday every week starting from now.

Tomorrow gonna be awkward during lunch because I never ate lunch here since the day I arrived in Kuantan because I already started fasting on the second day I'm here. I need to reset my eating schedule with proper amount so that I will never over eating or vice versa.

13days I have been fasting and 14 days also being away from parents. How I miss to have break fast session with ayahanda and bunda everyday like in Ramadhan ;'( Ibunda called me just now to ask my condition since I have mild fever yesterday and bad sore throat. I am touched! And mommy said "Enough fasting,focus on your lectures. You need energy for that".

Yes mom,I miss your 'lectures' too! How I wish Kuantan is near to Kedah -___-"

Hopefully Allah will accept my ibadah,Amin.

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