15 October 2011

Dear Diary #55

Sometimes I feel like people are too selfish! Including myself. But then,everyone must has a good reason for them to be that way. But then,I just feel so uncomfortable when I am about to walk with normal pace like other people,then there is someone who interrupts me and I am almost about to fall to the ground and stop walking.

Whatever with the barriers to come,I am ready to face it with my determination and courage. But when it comes to this 'interruption',I am weak! I just cannot stand of the pressure that you give to me indirectly from your 'interruption' without your concern. I never take this matter for granted as I know everything in this world is so temporary yet fragile. HE can take everything back within a second,without you ever realize it. I am trying to please HIM consistently so that I can enjoy the life after death later.

I know I can walk,but please don't interrupt me at least until I can get my rhythm back within few years. Please,I'm begging you.....

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