13 October 2011

Random #65

image credit to tumblr

To whom may this note concerns,I would love to tell you something about me;the DO and DON'T when you deal things with me.I would appreciate if you happened to read this note because it is sincerely dedicated just for you.Thanks!

# Remind me if I made mistakes
# Approach me in appropriate manners even I am a simple person but I have the right to be respect by you
# Be serious when I am in serious mood
# Understand and respect me as I am
# Accept my weaknesses

# Force me to do things that I don't want to do!
# Force me to like what you like
# Force me to be happy with what I am not happy with
# Ever think to use me when you need help ONLY and then left with no words.wtf
# Force me to obey your instructions which sometimes ridiculous!

Because I hate to be CONTROLLED by a smooth 'criminal' like you!!! Insane!

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