09 October 2011

First Impression

My classmates and I were given a task to break the ice in you which so-called "Ice breaking" session with group members last Friday. We were formed into 4 groups and each groups will have one male student since there are only 4 male students in class for Leadership & Management subject.

As the instructor,which is so nice and being adore by most female students in our class asked us to do the first impression notes and passed the notes to each members within the group. Each members will receive 6 notes excluding the note from yourself -____-"

And out of 6 notes,I got 2 notes saying that I am 'garang' but after knew me their perception totally wrong. HAHAHA! (broken English like (%%#$@!! )

To be frank,I have scariest look when I am in stress/anger/hot temper. So whenever I put my fake smile,people around me will easily detect my fake-ness! LOL.

To people who barely talk and know me,I am like other people.Please don't afraid to make friends with me because I can be your most "tukang lawak" & "tukang gelak" terhebat di dunia.LOL LOL!

By the way,the Leadership & Management class was fun since the instructor always use urban words like "duhhh", "this sounds so cliche" and so forth. I love him! Eh,not love as in LOVE but i love his style of conducting the class. Maybe it is because he is still "young and free".-His favorite phrase after all of the day -_______-".

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jaya jr said...

haha..puang suke aa ice breaking2 gini..klo suh laki memang balik awal laa..hik3