19 November 2011

Big Day: My Birthday #4

Alhamdulillah, Allah still lend me another year to breath in this wonderful world. I am officially 21 years old on 14th November 2011,which is last monday.

At first,I thought maybe this birthday will not be the same as last year since I don't have the chance to celebrate it with my whole family. But then,it turned out differently. Alhamdulillah my friends cheer me up on that day with full of joys even in laboratory and doing experiment -___-"

Lets summarize all the surprises/things that I got for my birhtday:

#1 Got a surprise from my till-death-best-buddy-and-so-called-big-brother on 12th November since we had our photo outing together with our photographer friends on that day. Even if it just a piece of polaroid photo but it means a lot for me!

He put the polaroid filem in my mom's sofa! And then after this big brother and my other friends left my house,he Whatsapp me and said he just left something at the sofa and asked me to find it and keep it on behalf of him until I can meet him again. I searched for the piece of 'paper' that he said and unfortunately I found nothing. But after few minutes of 'geledah' by reclining the sofa,finally I found the piece of 'paper' that he said.

I almost burst into tears because I do appreciate the 'gift' of friendship between us,the photographer friends. Thank you to IM,YAB,FI,IF.You guys are awesome!!

our setting on that day,aweeesooommeeee!

#2 Going out on 11th November (night) for some dinner-birthday-celebration with parents. We went out for some steamboat. It is Ayahanda's friend punya kedai. Thanks to Mommy monster and daddy for driving all the way to Alor Star just to have our dinner then went back.HAHAHA rasa macam anak manja giler kata kau..Dalam kereta pun bukan main sedap golek-golek dekat seat belakang sorang-sorang. Terasa seperti anak raja pulak *berangan nak mampus*

#3 Went back to Kuantan on 12th November by bus,alone like always. Mommy monster said "Happy birthday in advance" and she started to tell me the history of "ME" and when I was born,and so forth. Terasa sedih dan pilu nak tinggalkan mommy monster dan ayahanda time tu ;'(

#4 On 13th November,mommy monster was the first person to give a happy birthday wishes on 10.35pm. I know she cannot stay up late until midnight so she posted a birthday shout out at my wall in Facebook! Rindu mommy monster so much ;'( oh not to forget,mommy monster first time post something on my wall dekat facebook,and untuk wish birthday pulak tu. Sorry Along and Adik,nak buat guane,saya ada genetic mommy monster lebih sikit daripada korang.hihihi

Thanks to ALL
144 birthday wishes in Facebook (account for friends ONLY)
21 birthday wishes in Facebook (account for family ONLY)
1 inbox message
21 text messages
5 tweets
1 video birthday song
Countless wishes from classmates KWW

I really appreciate every single word from all of you. You really made my day even I am suffering from bad sore throat on that day and the following day I had fever until today. I am so sick and I need my mommy monster to pamper me :(

#5 At 12 am on 14th November,my roomates; Azreen playing "Happy Birthday" song with her guitar while I was on the phone with my friend. I almost burst into tears when I heard the sound of the guitar. Thanks Azreen! Love ya.

The best part of the night is,Hanis brought her homemade Tiramisu cake from our 'refrigerator' and we ate it together. Thanks Hanis! Sorry for everything but deep inside my heart you are my best roomate ever! Thanks for the gift,I really love it! Fyi,Hanis got talent in baking and making chocolate. She gave me her homemade chocolate which is so cute and I don't want to eat it because it is too adorable in pink and purple! :P

Hanis also brought kek batik and brownies but I only can ate few slices of kek batik since it's already midnight and I don't want to be "terlebih gula" pulak.hihihi.. Thank you Hanis!!

#6 Sherry gave me a handmade so-called bookmark. Thank you dear!

#7 During class,most of the girls wishing me Happy Birthday and all.Thanks girls!

#8 Mira gave me a tupperware of chocolate cookies

counter clockwise from left: Cake from twin, cookies from mira,chocolate from hanis, bookmark from sherry, cake shape birthday card from farhana, filter paper card from Group 7 in laboratory Bioprocess and glove from Etty,Dian and Najibah. Thanks all! <3

#9 Few girls gave me handmade so-called 'gift' from the materials in laboratory during our experiment on Monday. Jimat sangat korang kan? thanks!

Fyi,this is a filter paper that we used in laboratory to do filtration -___-"

#10 Back to my room and got fever attack! Want to sleep and someone is knocking the door. The twin, which is my classmates gave me a slice of Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe. Thanks a lot twin!! Love ya both :) You both are too kind!!

#11 Want to hit the sack but suddenly found 2 bars of Cadbury Chocolate under my pillow and were tied with ribbon. Got notes at the back and it was from Azra!!! How I miss to lepak at her bed,this semester never been at her room yet since I got extra packed schedule on weekdays and only can rest on weekends :( Miss you kakak!

#12 Got an email from my fella and got a video of birthday song

#13 Parcel and medicine from orang Subang.

Bunch of joys from my friends,thanks a lot! Love you all.

And finally I am 21 years old already,have to be more matured and positive! InsyaAllah trying to be better Muslimah day by day,I am still working on it :)

p/s: sorry for the blurry images,took with my phone only :(


iela_fadila alias said...

is that IF stands for iela fadila,hehe.sy xtlibat.
sorry,no present r2,nak bg ladybirg gedabak tu tp org tu plan nak bg kat org subang :P
u'll get smtg later,wait ya :P

Nies Hanna said...

semua manis2 kan anna... :)
sebab org yg sambut besday time tu manis sgt..hehe...hope will be roomates until final year.....

a's said...

#iela_fadila alias
yes you are! takpa tak kisah you are in the story jugak!! hehehe orang subang dah dapat "Press for music" pun cukup

a's said...

#Nies Hanna
*blushing* thanks a lot!kami sayang nak makan choc tu macam nak simpan sampai bila2 ja -_____-"

mintak2 kita roomate sampai habis study.amin! :P