09 November 2011

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11 Random Things About Moi
# Sophisticated,high determination, not so wise person -__-
# Born on November or the Eleventh Month
# Trying to be BOLD and forget about the negativity from others
# Love traveling, photography-ing, eating glorious food, shopping for myself with own money!
# I eat a lot but still with the same weight but I grateful to him with this nikmat
# I love to wear something simple and never wear make up on my face except eye liner,for 3-4 times in my life time.
# I have a great life so far even Allah tested me with everything He got but I know I can face it with a smile on my face because He will never test me beyond my capability.
# I am so in love with spicy food and cannot tolerate with EXTRA sweet dishes except for dessert.
# Easy being pissed off with thing/people that annoyed me to the max.
# Enjoy surfing the net for hours rather than studying few slides for quizzes
# I'm Scorpio baby

Questions From Zaty.

Here the Questionnaire.

1. Bilakah tarikh lahir anda?
14 November 1990

2. Currently your favourie love song. aww. love song ok! hihi

3. How you define true friend?
Friend who can be with you through thick or thin and never LIE to you or BETRAY you.

4. Macam mana korang handle stress korang eh? Help me
Take wudhuk, recite Al-Quran for few pages than make a phone call with love one including your parents/siblings/boyfriend/girlfriend.

5. Have anyhing be stolen from you? If yes, what is it?
My heart. And it was broken into pieces. But I have fixed it with GAM GAJAH.

6. Kalau diberi peluang untuk ke masa lampau, tahun bilakah anda nak pergi?
None. I never believe in returning to the past and correct things because it is prohibited in Islam to think like that.

7. Pandai memasak tak?
InsyaAllah I can cook for my self and my future family :P

8. Suka makan coklat jenama apakah?

9. Opinion mengenai FB terkini?
Rarely use Facebook to socialize,usually use Twitter :)

10. Macam mana saudari/saudara mengenali diri saya?
Through a friend of mine,Sri.

11. Bagaimana anda mengenali blog Nurul Zaty ini?
Sri told me about her roomate's blog back then in CFS.

Wanna Tag:
Iela Fadila
Yusry Aizat
Wahida Onizuka
Jaya Junior
Diyana Myopia

My Questions;
1. What's your favorite food during Raya feast?
2. Where is your hometown?
3. What is in your mind right now?
4. Where did you usually go when you want to shop?
5. Did you have any crush besides artist and boy band?
6. Did you prefer to be a scientist or a lecturer? State why
7. Where did you get your pocket money?
8. How many semester left for you to finish your degree studies?
9. Since when you read this blog?
10. How you find this blog?
11. Give me your words to improve my writing (Besides improving my language skills -__-)

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