22 December 2011

Homesick Part Dunno How Many,You Count Yourself! #2

I am depressed and I am serious about this. I feel like wanna dip another cup of double scoops Baskin Robbin ice cream -____-"

Everybody as in MOST OF MY CLASSMATES here are going back to their hometown, even some of them already at home ;'( And I am stuck in this cold weather with a serious disease called HOMESICK.

I just cannot tolerate with the long journey by bus that usually take about 20 hours ++ for a return journey from Kuantan to Kedah. My back pain will attack me again, because every time I went back here from Kedah by bus (since there is no direct flight from Kedah to Kuantan daily), my neck and back will be in pain. And I am not really happy with that post-effect after a 'short unwind session' with love ones in hometown.

Great woman belong to history and to self sacrifice.-Leigh Hunt

I hope this sacrifice 'thingy' would bring me 'something' in future.insyaAllah.. *pujuk diri sendiri ;'( *

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