12 December 2011

I End Up With Something Much Better.


Like seriously, Allah never fails me :’D

When I thought that this whole thing was over and all I can see in my future is things crumbling down, a miracle happened.
When I thought that he was going to leave me for whatever reason and I was going to be devastated because I just found my happiness, he proved me wrong. He’s here, he’s here than ever, he’s going to be here until I’m gone.

I never thought I’d get more than what I expected or wish or hope or ever prayed for. That’s why I’m always forever grateful because if it wasn’t because of Allah none of this would ever happened.

I’m glad you’re there, and I’m here.
I’ll make this last.

Love always,
- Bella.

all credits goes to tumblr

p/s: Alhamdulillah another steps away from the night mare. InsyaAllah I can do this. Hate none, love all :)

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