09 December 2011

Terima Kasih

This best friend of mine, who knew everything about my secrets here being so sweet lately. I know her birthday is just around the corner but this is so not her!!

I got a birthday gift and she made it more sweeter by hiding the gift under my pillow! And yesterday she gave me a packet full of oranges and a cool fever patch with a "Love note".

credit to my phone

I love you Azra!! Thanks a lot for being a good friend for me all this while. Not to forget all my friends here who take good care of this big "baby" when she is not feeling very well. Only Allah can pay your good deed. Lots of love to all my friends here. I love them!! :)


Kay Amira Zain said...

I envy you Kak Anna :/ Best nyeee dpt kawan-kawan mcm tue :3

Othman F. said...

Oh my Azra!! baik gile dohhh!! serius bertuahh ko senah :P

a's said...

#Kay Amira Zain
you have an amazing friends too dear,and pretty! ESPECIALLY YOU!!

a's said...

#Othman F.
kannn?? dia bukan seorang yg soft outside tapi very fragile inside! terharu mak nakk!! untunglah saya.hihihi