22 January 2012


This gonna be slightly negative opinion from yours truly about so-called-'publisiti murahan' dan judgmental. I might assume that most of people hate to be the center of attraction. or easily said, suddenly become famous around your cliques.

I am not being sarcastic nor pessimist but I kinda hate this current atmosphere. Recently, many of my friends came to me and said "hi, she talked a lot about you" or "hi, he said that you got your new life now. How was it?".

I welcome all the warm greetings or prayers from all of you,but then I still cannot adapt with this 'attention' that people gave to me just because of something that I currently be in. I never seek for an extra attention from anyone, but I am glad that people become more 'concerned' about me lately. I appreciate that. And I would love to say thank you for your effort.I always love to have a normal life with less unnecessary attention from people who I barely know especially and live my life normally like others do.

People always judge others,including me!! We love to judge people even we are not so close with him/her.That is the most unwanted 'disease' that keeps growing inside human body. Judgmental. Silly me :(

“When a muslim sins, a black dot appears in his heart and then when he does taubah and istighfaar, his heart is cleansed (of the black spot). And when he sins more, the spot enlarges till it covers the entire heart.”

Hence this is the rust which Allaah has mentioned in the Holy Quraan thus: “By no means! But what they have earned is rust upon their hearts.” [83:14]

all credits to tumblr

So please people; we are the author of our own book on the Day of Judgement. Make sure its well worth reading. Don't bother about others too much and neglect our own right. Nobody can help us in the Day of Judgement later except for 3 things : "sedekah, doa daripada anak soleh, ilmu yang bermanfaat."

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