18 January 2012


I am finally home! Alhamdulillah safely landed to SAH Airport at 8.40pm last night.

It was a long journey back yesterday. Why it is long? Let me summarize it for you:

12pm: Left Along's house and headed to Taman Melati Lrt Station by walking -__-
12.30pm: Waited for Along at KLCC to lunch together
1.15pm: Along came and eat
1.55pm: Along left for work and I went to Kinokuniya to kill the time
2.15pm: Have no feeling to buy anything (which is really weird)
2.20pm: Went to surau with the hope that I can stay there for a while since the lrt must be packed with working people at that time. But unfortunately the mak guard said "Tak boleh duduk-duduk dalam ni ye". So I left the surau and went to KL Sentral.
2.35pm: Went to the surau and searched for socket to charge my not so smartphone because the battery always weak!!
2.45pm-4.00pm: I slept soundly,without any alarm clock set about 1 hour and 10 minutes!! CRAZYY!! Luckily all my things are safe
4.00pm: Went to Subway and thinking of buying some Spicy Italian sandwich but I have no appetite at all on that time. Dunno what is wrong with me.
4.10pm: Found MPH Book Fair at 1st level and seeing around. Lots of great books there,but I am not into reading.HAHA
4.20pm: Got to be in the Skybus and headed to LCCT
5.30pm: LCCT was super packed with people and foreigners too! I went to chocolate shop, to kill the time and buy some snacks for myself.
5.45pm: Went to Mc D and bought burger,apple pie and sundae for myself and eat happily.
6.00pm: Lepaking at surau and waited until 7pm
7.00pm: Went to departure hall, security check bla..blaa..blaa..
7.25pm: On the plane,perfect seat I got last night which is beside the window and at the wing. According to physics, the more nearer you are at the fulcrum, the better.
7.50pm: Boarding
8.40pm: Safely landed at SAH Airport
9.00pm: Arrived at heaven on earth, HOME.

Glad to be home :)

p/s: Put ON the chef and bibik hat starting on today!

p/s:thanks for reading this crap.lol


iela_fadila alias said...

tu la yg aku rasa. beraninya tdoq kat situ sorg2 pulak tu !

a's said...

#iela_fadila alias
hahaha sengal gila kan tertidoq.aduihainyepun