16 January 2012

Semester Break Starts

Alhamdulillah finally the nightmare has gone! Final exam already gone. I am one happy lady on Earth babeh! Syukran ya Allah :)

Right after the last paper ends, I went back to hostel and start packing at 12.45pm and get everything done at 1.15pm plus took my shower too! How impressive is that? LOL

Sorry to Hazy,because we rushed like a woman that missed her kid in shopping complex.HAHA ada kaitan? Belasahhh...I really looking forward for this holidays and I can't even stand to wait any longer. Nak balik jugak!!

So at 2pm,we managed to be in the bus.Alhamdulillah...The journey begins so on and so forth. Make things short,I managed to meet people i miss a lot last night! wehuuuuuu!! (read: people as plural)

Managed to meet my sengseng lengan baju-mate at UIA Gombak last night adn had short catch up session at Mahallah Halimah instead of Ruqayyah where she supposed to stay. LOL. Supposed we are going out again for just 2 of us for breakfast date but unfortunately there is no transport available since I am quite new to this area because along has moved to another apartment or house.

But babe,I am too happy last night walaupun dapat lepak kejap je tepi kereta and gossip like always.ahaks.Love u!!

And not to forget the life savior of the night :) Thanks a lot,and Along said thanks too.

Will going back to hometown tomorrow night by plane,and alone like always. Pray for my safe journey.Till then :)

I just love that chill Apple cake from IKEA (left), nyums!!


Wahida said...

Boleh berGS kembali!!

Othman F. said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! love you too!

*sinseng lengan sambar meatballs*