22 March 2012

Finish Line

image credit to tumblr

Dear you,

You are strong,
your mind has the power to focus,
you knew it but you did not realize it.

You have the discipline,
you are one talented person,
you do not know that,
but people around you aware of that.

Put your heads up,
and smile,cause
every little sacrifices you make today
will worth millions things in your life ahead

thank you for such nice and positive words!!

p/s: about to ignore the paper of Halal Haram exam tomorrow due to "badan di kuantan, hati di rumah" but I need to finish up everything perfectly before take my vacation joyfully even if it just for a week

p/s/s: I have like 3 more papers to go after Mid Term break. dead.

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jaya jr said...

haha..lawo laa image tumblr tu