26 April 2012

Random #24

When the never ending works hit me, I become fragile.
Fragile for nothing. Weird. That's the nature of woman I can say....

For no solid reason, I almost burst into tears when listened to 'that' song.
I have been so strong for too long, I have built my ego for many years,
But last night I cannot hold everything accordingly.
Everything comes to my mind,
Like a flash back of many dramas in my life.
But my ego controlled my mind, 
And I still keep my tears.

I am a new me 
I can do this
I won't look back
Neither look to the left or right
Because I will look into my heart 
And listen to it while moving towards the end of this journey

Never thought that the girls are 'aware' about my 'fragile-ness' towards that song. I am touched!!!! Luckily the lights were off last night and I sat alone at the back. So they cannot see my watery eyes O__O Phewwww LOVE YOU GUYS!

 image credit to tumblr

p/s: I am in fragile mood now. Please bear with me, I want to heal myself with my own way.

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